We are a premier law firm for a rising Africa providing legal services in Kenya and East Africa.

Our corporate head office is located at Nairobi, Kenya.

As Foreign Direct Investment into Africa continues to grow, and as economies in Africa continue to become more market-oriented under lesser government control, Nicholas Ngumbi Advocates is increasingly becoming the preferred counsel to many of the world’s leading companies who are keen on investing in Africa.

We are a formidable team of very sharp legal minds with the capability to handle complex legal assignments in any industry.

We have represented clients on a wide variety of industries including offering antitrust/competition law advisory on complex cross-boarder mergers and acquisitions in the healthcare/pharmaceutical industry.

We advise Boards of Directors, companies of all sizes, financial institutions, foreign embassies, and individual clients.

We are founded on a culture of excellence. 

For assistance, on our legal services you can email us on our firm’s primary email address: You can also email our partners directly on their individual emails shown on this website. 

We reply to all correspondence within 12 hours of receipt. If you do not receive our reply after this period kindly resend your email.