We are a leading law firm in Kenya offering world-class legal advise on corporate/business law & private equity.

Many Boards of Directors, Companies & Individual investors across the world are increasingly turning to us as their preferred counsel on corporate/business law & private equity in Kenya:

Our work includes:

  • Registration of companies, businesses, partnerships, cooperative societies and other forms of business entities;
  • Advising listed companies on corporate governance and regulatory compliance;
  • Representing sellers and purchasers of securities including shares
  • Private equity
  • Representing clients in mergers and acquisitions and joint venture agreements
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Representing clients in private-public partnership agreements
  • Representing clients in international business transactions including drafting and enforcement of international business contracts
  • Advising clients on issues in international investment law including drafting and enforcement of international investment contracts between private persons or between governments and private persons
  • Representing clients on export & import disputes
  • Conducting corporate due diligence
  • Sales of stock;
  • Reorganizations;
  • Sales of assets, and mergers for cash, common stock, preferred stock, convertibles, or notes;
  • Earnouts, delayed payouts, escrows, cash-stock elections, and many other variations, both taxable and tax-free;
  • Leveraged buyouts, representing management, stockholders, asset-based lenders and financial intermediaries;
  • Takeovers, contested tender offers and proxy fights, representing both targets and acquiring companies;
  • Initial public offerings;
  • Secondary stock offerings;
  • Convertible debt offerings and straight debt offerings (both high yield and investment grade);
  • Private equity financings and mezzanine debt financings
  • Rights offerings
  • Public offerings and private placements of convertible debt securities
  • Debt/equity swaps
  • Exchange offers
  • Interest rate and currency swaps

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