We are a leading law firm in Kenya. We represent companies of all sizes and jurisdictions, governments and banks.

Our Work Ethic is Simple: Everything We Do is World-Class 

Everything we do is world-class. We are your go-to law firm when your business is at stake, when things get thick, when you need complex commercial agreements done, when you need to expand your business portfolio to new/cross-border markets, when you need world-class commercial litigation, when you need a touch of expertise that inspires and protects your personal and commercial interests.

Our lawyers are some of the finest legal minds with inter-disciplinary training and exposure to international legal practice.

We are your insightful law firm partner when you find major opportunities or face complex challenges We support each other in learning to contribute to the success of our clients.  We are founded on a culture of excellence.

We are world class in our approach.

When the future of your business is at stake, we are your partner of choice.

” nnLAW –  A Culture of Excellence “

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